The ruler of Afghanistan Ahmed Shah Abdali led an invasion in India Delhi falled and Abdali moved south into the Jat country. He was joined by Rohillas of Rohilkhand. The Tewatias of Ballabgarh faught bravely but Faridabad, Ballabgarh, Palwal and Hodal fell to the invaders.The Afghan then moved towards the holy land of Mathura but before they could enter ancient capital of Braj 5000 Kuntal Jats led by there cheif Shyam Singh and 1000 other Jats led by Maharaja Jawahar Singh Of Bharatpur appeared at Chaumuhan to stop the Afghans.6000 Jats vs 95,000 Afghans,The Battle of Chaumuhan is a saga of supreme courage and grit.Yet it hardly remembered. The Jats were determined that it was only over there corps that the ravagers should enter the sacred capital of Braj.The battle was faught for 9 hours.4000 Jats were martyred including Shyam Singh. Rao Shyam Singh Of Sonkh was successed by his son Rao Tofa Singh Of Sonkh .

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