In 1767-68, Maharaja Amar Singh Of Patiala seized various villages of other Jat sardars. Baba Baghel Singh Of Karorasinghia lost some parganahs, including Jamaitgarh, Bahlolpur and Mullanpur, etc. Baghel Singh Of Karorasinghia prevailed upon other sardars who had also suffered at the hands of Maharaja Amar Singh Of Patiala to join him. Maharaja Amar Singh Of Patiala was supported by many others including the Raja of Nahan. A drawn battle was fought at Ghuram, 25 kms south of Patiaia, in 1768. Baghel Singh Of Karorasinghia took to plundering Patiaia territory. The Raja sued for peace. He got his son Kunwar Sahib Singh baptised by Baba Baghel Singh Of Karorasinghia.


  • History Of Sikhs Vol.5 By Hari Ram Gupta.

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