Bibaji Ganeve Rajkotia of Ruriala, was in born 1966, she is the youngest daughter of Sardar Jatinder Singh Waraich of Ruriala. From 1973 to 1983, she attended Welham Girls’ High School, in Dehradun, and later went to Miranda House, Delhi University, graduating with honours in Sociology. Before becoming an entre-preneur, she worked in films for a short while, having done her Masters in Mass Communication, from Jamia Millia Islamia Central University, Delhi. Having worked as an assistant director, on An Electric Moon, a Channel 4 Production, she has also acted in a couple of films, the more notable one is Amu, which is based on the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, and the one before that was Khayal Gatha, which was featured at Karlovy Vary Film Festival, in the Czech Republic. Along with her husband, Yousef Zaheer, they are equal partners in a travel business, Himalayan River Runners and Himalayan Hideaways. She has two sons; Farid Rajkotia Zaheer and Iqbal Rajkotia Zaheer. She resides in New Delhi.


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