Bibaji Malavika Rajkotia of Ruriala, was born in 1962, she is the eldest daughter of Sardar Jatinder Singh Warrich of Ruriala. She did her early schooling at the Welham Girls’ School, Dehradun, and later attended Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi, founded in 1956. She studied law from Delhi University, and joined the Bar in 1985. Now a successful lawyer, she is the founder of Rajkotia Associates, a law firm which provides legal assistance in divorce cases, and is one of the leading firms for divorce cases in India. She is the author of Intimacy Undone: Law of Marriage, Divorce and Family in India, a book drawn from her experiences in the court. She married Rakesh Luthra in 1989, who sadly passed away in 1998. As a single parent, she has brought up her two sons single-handedly, and never remarried.

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