Kumedan Sardar Bhup Singh of Ghorewah, was born into Sandhu Jat family he was the son of Kumedan Sardar Jai Singh of Ghorewah, and brother of Sardar Charat Singh of Ghorewah and was the elder brother of Rani Roop Kaur. when he was young he was served under Lahore darbar along with his brother.

He died fighting in the Khyber Pass, and his body was cremated at the entrance of the legendary pass, where a memorial was erected, on the orders of Bhatti Jat ruler Maharaja Kharak Singh of Lahore. It no longer exists today.

Kumedan Sardar Bhup Singh of Ghorewah was married to Jawahar Kaur and his sister Rani Roop Kaur, received a pension of Rs 1,980 per annum from the British authorities. She had no children of her own, and so adopted Sardar Sundar Singh, grandson of her brother, Sardar Gulab Singh, who later inherited all her valuable properties on her death in 1878.

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