NAUDH SINGH (d. 1752), son of Bhatti Jat Jagirdar Chaudhary Buddha Singh ( Later Sardar Buddha Singh), was great-grandfather of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. He was a brave and daring man who applied his energies to expanding the family`s fortunes. He fortified the village of Sukerchak in 1730, and in the same year married the daughter of a Shergill Jat Jagirdar Gulab Singh of Majitha. He gained territory and, impressed by the example of his personal bravery, many an adventurous youth rallied round his arms. Eventually, he, along with his band of followers, joined the Singhpuria misl and won the admiration of his chief, Nawab Kapur Singh, by his bold exploits. He was among the Sikhs who pursued Ahmad Shah Durrani out of India in 1749, and he died in 1752 as a result of the injuries sustained in battle.

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