Sardar Buta Singh Of Retgarh, was the first of member of the Retgarh Ghuman Jat Sardars to serve the State of Patiala under the minority of Maharaja Karam Singh Of Patiala. Through the offices of Mai Aas Kaur he was appointed Karam Singh’s guardian by the Maharaja’s brother. Despite the differences between the young ruler and his mother, Buta Singh kept aloof from the internal troubles while working for them with loyalty and distinction. He was allocated a plot of land to the south of Qila Mubarak in Patiala where he had built a house. He had three sons, Mahan Singh, Didar Singh and Kandhara Singh. Mahan Singh was in charge of the arsenal and was entirely responsible for the procurement, issue and maintenance of weapons to the army. The Patiala State foundry was also under his charge, a post of immense trust and responsibility. Didar Singh, served in the army and rose to the rank of Colonel. He commanded the Patiala troops sent to assist the British Army during the First Anglo-Sikh War at Mudki in 1845, and later on sent to Lahore during the second Anglo-Sikh War at Chillianwala in 1849. Later, he was appointed Nazim of the royal kitchens, a post that was filled only by a trustworthy officer who ensured the safety of the ruler from being poisoned. He was known to be an able administrator, serving the rulers of Patiala with satisfaction till old age. Kandhara Singh, served in the Maharaja’s stables.

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