Sardar Jatinder Singh of Ruriala, was born 1930, He was the younger son of Sardar Raghubir Singh Waraich of Ruriala and Sardarni Prasin Kaur Mann, he was done there study at Aitchison College (Chief’s College), Lahore. He was around 17 years old during the Partition of 1947, and as refugees, he first went to Dehradun, because his brother, Brigadier Amarjit Singh of Ruriala, was posted at the Indian Military Academy (IMA, founded in 1932), as an instructor. Soon after the family was allotted land, and they settled at Rajkot House, in village Jundla, near Karnal, Haryana. Jatinder Singh was fondly called Jindo, but sadly suffered from pulmonary tuberculosis, spending more than a year in a sanatorium, in Kasauli. He then went away to Burdwan, West Bengal, and tried to operate a coal mine which he owned, but according to the family, he spent more time partying and clubbing, in Asansol and Kolkata. He was known to be very stylish, a well dressed and charming man, and earned himself the nickname “Duke” among his friends in Kolkata. After the coal mine experiment failed miserably, he returned to Karnal, becoming a farmer. In 1961, he married Sardarni Gurdarshan Kaur Mann, of Sheikhupura. He was fond of history, read quite a lot and enjoyed different genres of music. But mostly he enjoyed leading a retired, comfortable, sedentary life and gave his daughters every freedom, opportunity and whim as they desired in life. He died peacefully in his sleep, during the night of Dec 31, 2013 and Jan 1, 2014. He was succeeded by his two daughters; Bibaji Malavika Rajkotia and Bibaji Ganeve Rajkotia.

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