Sardar Pahaar Singh Mann Of Mogalchak though the youngest of the brothers be more conveniently, will treated of first; as he was the most distinguished, and it was in a great measure through his assistance that his brothers rose in the world .He entered Charat Singh’s service as a trooper; but soon distinguished himself for energy and courage; obtained a grant of the four villages Jokian, Kalerh, Sal and Takuan, worth Rs 3,277 and assumed the titlr of Sardar Under Singh Mahan Singh Sukerchakia his influence steadily increased, and he obtained Rs 11000 of additional Jagirs near Ramnagar. He showed great gallantry in the many campaigns against the Chatthas; and under Maharaja Ranjit Singh he served at Attock, Baisa and elsewhere. At the time of his death, in 1813 his Jagirs amounted tp upwards of 2 Lakhs of rupees, subject to the service of 500 horses, 2 guns and 7 zamburahs or camel swivels. Left one son Hari Singh a minor, and Sardar Hukma Singh Chimmi was appointed his guardian. Rs 47,000 of his fathers Jagirs were released to him, subject to the service of 125 horses; and when he became old enough to enter the army he was placed under Misr Diwan Chand, with whom he served at Bannu and Multan. He died of paralysis in 1821, being only 22 years of age. His two sons Jagat Singh and Partab Singh were, at their father’s death, infants and the Jagirs were consequently resumed; with the exception of Rs 5,200 subject to the service of 18 horsemen . In 1843 Jagat Singh was appointed orderly officer of Raja Hira Singh, and Pratab Singh was made commandant in the Mannawala regiment. Under the Darbar, Jagat Singh was colonel of a cavalry regiment. Which formed part of Maharaja Dalip Singh’s body guard, and during the disturbance of 1848 – 49, he with his troops remained faithful to government. Jagat Singh died in 1860, leaving two sons, Nihal Singh and Narain Singh aged respectively 22 and 13 years at the time of his death. Jagat Singh was in the enjoyment of Jagirs worth Rs 4000 of these a portion have been resumed, and his sons hold, in perpetuity, Rs 1,637 being the Mouza of Kalerh, and a share of Mogalchak in the Gujaranwala district.

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