Abdul Ahad was anxious to try another man as his deputy for Panipat and Karnal districts. In April, 1776, he appointed Mullan Rahimdad Khan Rohilla with a strong force and a park of artillery. Of all the Sikh Jat sardars and princes Gajpat Singh alone was meek and modest. Besides his territory was nearest to Delhi. The Mullan laid siege to Jind, and demanded a largs sum of money. His troops laid waste Jind 1 territory. Gajpat Singh sought assistance from Patiala. Nabha and Kaithal, his relatives. Diwan Nanun Mai of Patiala came with a strong contingent. Hamir Singh of Nabha, Bhais of Kaithal and several other Sikh chiefs of the neighbourhood also joined him. The Sikh forces reached Jind after midnight, and immediately delivered an assault upon the enemy. A large number of Mulllan’s men fled away. The Mullan was struck by three balls in the head and body, and was instantly killed. 2 Polier, a Swiss engineer, lived in Delhi from 1771 to 1779. He wrote : “Thus fell Rahimdai Khan, a chief of the greatest interpidity, and at the same time it is said a man of principles, true to his word, and religious, strict partisan of the Mahomedan faith.”


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