Sardar Sahib Sardar Rajwant Singh Of Ruriala, Was born in 1885 he was the eldest of Warrich Jat Jagirdar Sardar Jawahar Singh. In 1907, he became Zaildar of Ruriala, and held a seat in the Provincial Durbars. He was made an Honorary Magistrate in 1919, and was granted the title of ‘ Sardar Sahib’ in 1930. From 1909, he was a member of the District Board, and Vice-Chairman from 1927 to 1930. For his distinguished service, he was awarded the Jubilee Medal, in 1935. During the list World War, Sardar Rajwant Singh supplied numerous recruits, and contri. buted generously to the War Loan. He inherited 200 acres of land from his grand. father, Sardar Bahadur Man Singh, in Ruriala, and was granted five squares of land by the British Government, in the Montgomery District (now Sahiwal District, Pakistan) in 1915. Due to in differences with his cousins, he vacated the fort at Ruriala and established a separate village called Rajkot, which is located about 10 kilometres south of Ruriala, now a mere suburb of Gujranwala City, Pakistan. From this period onward, Sardar Rajwant Singh and his descendants, have been known as the ‘Rajkotias. His duties of Justice of Peace at Gujranwala, was well acknowledged by the authorities and people from his district. In 1947, he never came to terms with the Partition.


  • The Punjab Chiefs Vol.2 By Bobby Bansal.
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