The Sikhs decided to retaliate. A huge body of about; 60,000 under Maharaja Amar Singh of Patiala and Raja Gajpat Singh of Jind, marched to Gohana, 70 kms north-west of Delhi, and plundered the neighbouring country. They also laid waste Hansi, Hisar and other places.

In February, 1778, ” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>Raja Gajpat Singh of Jind with other Sikhs entered the Ganga Doab. They penetrated into the country as far as Khurja, 83 kms south of Delhi, and scoured the whole country between the Jamuna and the Ganga. Tabmas Khan Miskin who took a prominent part in their pursuit writes :

“Zulfiqar-ud-dauiah (Najaf Khan) wrote urgent letters to Nawab Afrasiyab Khan to march immediately to Ghausgarh for assistance. Afrasiyab Khan asked for my opinion. I replied that we must go there, but the Sikh horsemen are wandering everywhere from village to village. Allow me with a body of 200 horse to patrol the country as far as Sikandra, Dadri, Dasna and Dhaulana, and you can follow me to punish the Sikhs. He approved of this plan and gave me leave. I toured all these places in two days. With the help of God the Sikhs fled away in disappointment. Two Sikhs were realizing tribute from a village four kos (12 kms) from Shahjahanabad. They took to flight on my approach. Afrasiyab followed me to Ghazi-ud-din Nagar Ghaziabad). Here he received several letters from Nawab Abdul Ahad Khan, inviting him to Delhi. Leaving me in charge of the troops, he went to the capital. He stayed there for a fortnight, and cleverly removed the differences existing between Najaf Khan and Abdul Ahad. Afrasiyab then came to the army. We advanced stage by stage and reached Ghausgarh.”

The Sikhs were expelled from the Doab pursued by the imperialists about the end of April, 1778. They reached Karnal. Raja Gajpat Singh of Jind and Sardar Dalel Singh of Malod were ready to submit. They were opposed in this design by Kang Jat ruler Sardar Bhag Singh of Thanesar. The imperial generals decided to punish Bhag Singh. They captured Budhakhera, 6 kms north-east of Karnal, and Baragaon, 6 kms north of Budhakhera. At that place the Sikh chiefs came to terms promising not to plunder the royal domains.


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